Manitowoc EnCORE Repair Program for Hydraulic Cylinders

Manitowoc EnCORE Repair

Hydraulic Repair and Design is proud to announce we are a Approved EnCORE Supplier Partner for Manitowoc's popular 'Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Return' program. We offer expanded EnCORE customer service for Western region customers.

This is a streamlined Repair & Return program for hydraulic cylinders covering any Manitowoc Crane Group product. It brings with it the promise of a cost-competitive repair with minimal turn-around time.

Have a question? Just give us a call and ask for the Manitowoc EnCORE Representative.

Program Features:

  • Provides a Factory approved alternative to local unapproved repair shops!
  • Provides a Factory approved repair option that meets original engineering specifications!
  • Full NEW PARTS Factory Warranty on all REPAIRED cylinders!
  • Free Inspection and Repair Estimate - No obligation.
  • Simple administration - no complicated forms - just contact your local Manitowoc Crane CARE Distributor!


  • Added Value! Having a low cost REPAIR alternative means substantial savings over purchasing new.
  • Maximum Quality! Repaired cylinders are fully tested and inspected to assure they meet original Manitowoc Engineering Specifications.
  • In some cases, remanufactured units may be available to greatly reduce down time by offeringoff-the-shelf availability. Your distributor will inform you of this possible option before making any repairs.
  • Full Factory Backing! Comes with a 12 month warranty on the repair.
  • Keeps the crane GENUINE by using factory approved repair procedures and repair parts.
  • Protects Resale Value by keeping the crane 'original'.

Program Administration is Easy:

  • Provide the EnCORE Representative with your Manitowoc Crane Care Account Number, Purchase Order #, your name and phone number.
  • You will be supplied with a Return Authorization, tracking number and shipping information.
  • Ship the cylinder, freight prepaid, to the address and contact specified.
  • After the FREE inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed inspection report and estimate of repair cost.
  • After this inspection report and before repair is complete, you will also be notified if a remanufactured unit exists to allow for immediate off-the-shelf availability.
  • When repairs are complete, you will be notified of the final repair cost and arrangements for return of the repaired cylinder.
  • All invoicing/payment transactions will be with Manitowoc Crane Care.

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Manitowoc EnCORE Cylinder Repair Program - Hydraulic Repair and Design - Crawler & All-Terrain Cranes
Manitowoc EnCORE Cylinder Repair Program - Hydraulic Repair and Design - Rough Terrain Cranes

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